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Blepharoplasty / Eyelid Plastic Surgery


Patients can develop a condition called Dermatochalasis which means excessive skin over the eyelids or puffy eyelids. This condition interferes with superior vision. The only correction for this condition is blepharoplasty which involves removal of the extra skin and fat tissue to restore the superior vision and the youthful appearance of the eyes and face. This is an outpatient procedure.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Nazari will discuss your particular condition, your expectations, and the probable outcome of treatment.You will be shown several before and after treatment photographs of patients having similar conditions, and you will receive an explanation of your treatment. Before and after photos may be taken of the area to be treated to document your results.


Ptosis (droopy eyelid) Repair


Ptosis means droopiness of the eyelids. This condition could be caused at birth (congenital) or develops because trauma, sometimes contact lens use among others. The treatment is surgical correction of the muscle of the eyelid that opens the eye. Repairing the muscle restores the eyelid position to its natural position.


Removal of Cysts and Masses around the Eye


Cysts (fluid filled mass) and skin growth can occur around the eye. Most of the time these conditions are benign and a simple excision in office can correct the problem. Sometimes the growth can be more serious including Basal Cell Carcinoma among others which require more than simple excision. It is very important to examine any growth or masses than occur around the eye to exclude more serious conditions.


Correction of Eyelid and Orbital Abnormalities


There are many conditions that affect the appearance of eyelids and orbit (eye socket). Some of these conditions are thyroid eye disease, congenital malformation, and protrusion of the eye among others. These are serious conditions that need to be evaluated. The conditions that affect the eye and the socket are too numerous to mention here. If you have any conditions affecting the eyelids or the socket of the eye, consult Dr. Nazari for a complete evaluation. Dr. Nazari has corrected complex orbital (eye socket) and eyelid abnormalities including some rare diseases that only occur in a few cases in the world. Dr. Nazari has travelled abroad and treated patients with rare congenital problems and taught local surgeons how to treat these rare conditions. He is exceptionally experienced in this field.


Lacrimal Duct surgery and tearing problems


Tears are produced in the lacrimal glad and drains into lacrimal sac and eventually into the nose. Any disease along the path of tear production to drainage of tears can cause tearing problem. If you experience excessive tearing or no tear production and dryness, it is important to seek an evaluation to determine the cause of your condition. 


Eye Trauma Surgery


Unfortunately accidents happen in life and sometimes it is minor and other times it is significant. Dr. Nazari is an expert in this field. He has done complex repair of eyelid burns, severe laceration (cuts) and fractures of orbit. At times like these it is very important for the first surgeon who repairs it, to be skilled and experienced with this type of surgery. The emotional factor with severe eye trauma is very important and Dr Nazari will not only treat the injury but see it that you recover physically and emotionally from the ordeal. He will be with you throughout your recovery.

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