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Our Fees

We believe in transparency and clarity. We are providing you our fees for services currently not covered by insurance companies. These prices are all inclusive.

Office Visits

Lasik Consultation       No fee

Consultation (second opinion, uninsured, other)      $100 to $180

Refractive Surgery

All Laser Bladeless Lasik                    $1900 per eye

ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens)  $3700 per eye  

Refractive Lens Exchange                  $2500 per eye


Self pay Cataract Surgery ( Uninsured patients)

Cataract surgery                             $2300  per eye ( includes facility and surgeon's fee)


Custom Cataract Surgery 

The following services are not covered by insurance and the fees are in addition to what insurance pays. It is your choice to have these additional services


 A. Best Vision Plan      $1250 per eye

           The treatment is customized using the best technical modalities to ensure the best possible distance vision. Includes Astigmatism correction, calculations for corneas that have had prior surgery and Monovision if desired by the patient.    


 B. Standard Cataract Surgery      $0

            Offers state of the art surgical procedure but may require glasses for distance vision. 


 C. Multifocal Vision Plan   $1950 per eye

            This is a great option for patients who desire to have near and distance vision. The new Panoptix lens  provides the best option for patients who want to be less dependent on glasses. 


Eyelid Surgery

Chalazion Removal                      $155 to $200

Minor Eyelid Lesion Removal     $200 to $350 depending on size and complexity

Blepharoplasty Both upper lids    $3000

Ptosis Repair both upper lids       $3000

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